As a high school student, you are probably worrying about what to do at university, and what to become after you graduate.
We hope that the College of Engineering Sciences website can help you decide what you want to study.

The structure of industry is changing with the dramatic advanc
In response, ements in industrial technology, and businesses are breaking away from the conventio
engineering courses at many universities are promoting a multi-disciplinary approach, encompassing several academic fields under an undergraduate engineering coursenal frameworks of "heavy industry", "steel", "electronics", and "chemistry".

It is true that developing engineers with a wide perspective may be difficult in an education system bound by the traditional academic fields. 
Simply accepting more disciplines, however, only increases the stress on the student, who may not develop a thorough understanding.
We believe that the most important thing is to develop the basic knowledge and skills necessary to adapt oneself to changes, always with the future advancements in Japanese science technology in mind.

One of the key directions of industry that Japan has followed and is expected to follow is technology based on microscience, and its combination with existing industrial technology to expand our horizons.
After carefully reviewing the skills necessary to succeed in such a knowledge-intensive industry model, we have established the College of Engineering Sciences.

We look forward to welcoming new students determined to become engineers and researches fluent and creative in the basics of engineering.